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Ironically, teeth whitening has become a critical component of modern health care. Up to 80% of Americans today suffer tooth discoloration, indicating a persistent demand for whitening solutions. Indeed, experts are predicting that the global teeth whitening market will reach $7.4 billion by 2024. Laser teeth whitening is one of the emerging options in the USA.  The simple reason is that laser can provide significant visible improvements in a single session. We are empowering millions of people to smile with confidence.

Is laser teeth whitening safe?

Laser teeth whitening, a safety concern for anyone willing to have a good-looking smile, is a bright option. The good news is that the process is relatively safe if a fully qualified and experienced dentist performs tooth whitening. The laser used to perform the whitening process emits a specific amount of energy to activate the gel with a faster and more productive whitening process. Besides, the beam is specifically designed only to affect the teeth and the target, minimizing damage to adjacent tissues such as the gums or lips.

However, like any other medical procedure, there is a specific criterion of risk and side effects:

  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Gum irritation
  • Over-bleaching

If you choose a professional dentist, these risks can be minimized. Professional Dentists are aware of any risks and make the process very safe.


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How much is the cost of laser teeth whitening?

Grand Prairie Family Dentistry offers in-office teeth whitening only at $299 per arch. According to an American Dental Association survey, the average cost of laser whitening is $1,000. This cost also depends on your location, type of laser technology, and dentist.

How Long Does Laser Whitening Last

Laser teeth whitening is the most rational option if you face teeth discoloration. However, for how long? This question is not straightforward since various factors can alter the duration of the impact. Its average duration is generally from six months up to two years. Several determinants might extend or, on the contrary, reduce this period if observed:

  • Diet and lifestyle: Coffee, tea, or red wine can cause the process to last for a very short period.
  • Oral hygiene: Poor or infrequent brushing can shorten the duration of the effect.
  • Smoking: Frequent smoking causes discoloration; after quitting it, you can see better results.

According to the American Dental Association, approximately 90% of patients treated with laser for whitening notice their teeth becoming more vibrant and lighter for one year. With enough care, making the teeth radiate cleanliness for longer will be possible.


Laser teeth whitening6 Advantages of laser teeth whitening

Here are some advantages of laser teeth whitening below:

Instant results

This is, without a doubt, its most significant advantage. While traditional treatment methods would require up to several days or weeks to take effect, laser whitening can remove up to 10 shades of coloring in just one session, usually lasting up to 30-60 minutes. Hence, patients who wish to get a white spot as soon as possible should consider this practice. Such an observation is supported by a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry, which showed that laser whitening results showed 7.4 shades of improvement on average after only one session.

Long Lasting Results

Apart from speed, however, laser teeth whitening results outlast most other methods. The procedure can grant the user two years or before there is a need for a re-application. Moreover, the laser makes it possible for the high intensity to activate the whitening agent. The agent penetrates the enamel, breaking down discoloring and any other stains. According to a Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry study, 80% of in-office patients maintained their color for up to one year.

Minimal Invasive

Laser whitening is less invasive and painful than other dental procedures, such as drilling, disturbing noise and vibration, and anesthesia for eliminating pain signals from the nerve system. The procedure does not require surgery because the laser light is applied to the teeth. Also, ADA reports that laser teeth whitening is safe and accessible for all patients.

Customized Treatment

Laser teeth whitening can be used for tailored treatment, meaning the procedure can be focused on individual teeth and unique staining patterns and only whiten the necessary areas. Such a capability enhances the efficiency of the treatment even further. According to a study from the Journal of Dental Research, the efficacy of the laser procedure tailored to a patient’s specifics was 9.2 shades, while traditional methods yielded 6.5 shades.

Gentle on Teeth and Gums

Laser teeth whitening is safe and gentle on teeth and does not damage teeth or the gums. The procedure is conducted with light images from lasers that dissolve the smudges of tooth coloring. Lasers are bonded to whiten the teeth and roots, teeth that contain layers to diminish and sometimes even obtain white, setting teeth white.

Boosts Confidence

A whiter and shinier smile can improve someone’s self-esteem and self-assurance. With a whiter grin, one will be more assured of their looks and more eager to engage socially in various aspects of life. A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 92% of teeth-whitening patients reported more trust in meeting new people due to their lovely white teeth.

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We are excited to assist you in accomplishing the smile of your dreams and relish the opportunity to serve you with our exceptional team led by Dr. Khademazad at Grand Prairie Family Dental. This may create a significant difference in your life to get that extra motivation when your smile brightens the room.

Here’s how we do it:

With our professional teeth whitening treatments, our goal is for you to be happy with your teeth. We get it. Here’s our process:

  1. Consultation
  2. Customized Treatment Plan
  3. Gentle, Effective Treatment

We offer in-office treatment for just $299 per arch to make it affordable. Schedule your appointment at 972-988-0900.

So, We look forward to taking any possible step to make you smile beautifully.


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What is laser teeth whitening?

It is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses a laser to enable whitening gel to brighten the teeth, from a trusted Grand Prairie dentist.

How much is laser teeth whitening?

At Grand Prairie Family Dentistry, in-office teeth whitening starts at $299 per arch. According to an American Dental Association survey, the average laser teeth whitening cost is $1,000.

How long does laser whitening last?

Laser teeth whitening can last six months to two years, depending on how you manage it in your daily routine.

How does laser whitening work?

It works by applying a whitening gel to teeth. The laser activates the gel, breaking down stains and whitening the teeth.

What to do after laser teeth whitening?

After laser whitening, patients should avoid food that causes stains, maintain good oral hygiene, and schedule appointments.

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