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Dr. Behrooz Khademazad, DDS

General Dentist Grand Prairie Tx

Find comfort and confidence with our gentle general dentist at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry. Your gateway to a healthier, brighter smile starts here.

General Dentist in Grand Prairie

At Grand Prairie Family Dentistry, our general dentist, Dr. Behrooz Khademazad and our team ensure your comfort. We offer tailored care with the newest dental technology.

It’s all about you: We listen closely and customize treatments for you.

More than teeth: We focus on your smile and happiness.

Dental problems can be challenging. Here, you’ll find support and care. Leave feeling confident and happy. That’s our promise.

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Your Journey Begins Here!

Your Best Smile Awaits!

Want a better smile? Let’s figure it out with you! Take our quick quiz and let Dr. Behrooz Khademazad and our team at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry find the right dental care just for you. It’s your first step to a brighter smile!
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Grand Prairie Family Dentistry shines with its patient-centered approach, led by Dr. Behrooz Khademazad and our attentive team:

  • Tailored Care: Customized treatments to meet your unique needs.
  • Attentive Team: We listen and respond to your concerns with compassion and expertise.
  • Boosting Well-Being: Focused on enhancing both your dental health and overall confidence.

Every visit goes beyond a simple dental check-up; it’s a step toward a healthier, more confident you. Experience our distinctive approach at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry.

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Our Services

Grand Prairie Family Dentistry

Additional General Services


All areas of general care

Our dentist excels in all areas of general care, ensuring your dental health is always in expert hands.

Molar Root Canals

Our specialist meticulously performs molar root canals, relieving pain and saving teeth with precision and care.

3 Dimensional X-ray Scan (CTscan)

Our advanced 3D x-ray scan (CT scan) offers precise imaging, enhancing diagnosis and treatment planning.

Preventive Dentistry

Our preventive dentistry approach stops problems before they start, safeguarding your smile for the future.

Removable and Fixed Reconstruction of Bite

We specialize in both removable and fixed reconstructions, expertly restoring your bite and smile.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our Wisdom teeth removal ensures a smooth, pain-free experience, preventing future dental issues.

What Best Describes Your Condition?

Want a better smile? Let’s figure it out with you! Tell us What Describes Your Condition To See if We Can Help.

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General Dentist Q&A’s

What services does a general dentist provide?

They offer a wide range of services including cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, preventive care, and sometimes cosmetic procedures.

How do I choose a good general dentist?

Look for qualifications, experience, positive reviews, and a comfortable office environment. A consultation can also help you decide.

How often should I visit a general dentist?

It’s recommended to visit every 6 months for check-ups and cleanings to maintain oral health and catch any issues early.

What's the difference between a general dentist and a specialist?

A general dentist provides comprehensive dental care, while specialists focus on specific areas like orthodontics or oral surgery.

Can a general dentist treat gum disease?

Yes, they can treat early stages of gum disease through cleanings and more advanced care if needed, sometimes referring to a specialist for severe cases.

Grand Prairie Family Dentistry

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