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Dr. Behrooz Khademazad, DDS

Dental Implants Grand Prairie Tx

Find comfort and confidence with our gentle dental implants at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry. Your gateway to a healthier, brighter smile starts here.

From Gap to Glory: Dental Implants

Missing a tooth isn’t just about a gap in your smile—it’s about the moments you hold back from fully enjoying. Whether it’s hesitating to laugh out loud or avoiding photos, each moment is a reminder of the confidence you’ve lost. This struggle goes beyond the mirror; it affects how you connect with people, share moments, and express joy.

Grand Prairie dental implants can change this. Imagine a new tooth that matches your own, letting you smile, laugh, and enjoy life without worry. Dental implants don’t just fill gaps—they restore your confidence and whole self.

A Bright & Beautiful Smile

Timeless Radiance in Every Smile

Want a better smile? Let’s figure it out together! Try our quick quiz and let Dr. Behrooz Khademazad and our team at Grand Prairie dental implants, find the best way to make your smile shine. It’s the first step to a brighter smile!
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Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants offer a fresh start for those missing teeth, giving you back both your smile’s appearance and its ability to work properly. They’re a good choice compared to dentures or bridges because they stay put, mimicking your natural teeth closely.

Let’s break it down simply:

  • Titanium Post: Acts as the new root for your tooth, sitting snugly in your jawbone.
  • Connector: A piece that links the post to your replacement tooth, ensuring everything stays in place.
  • Replacement Tooth: Designed to blend in with your remaining teeth, this part does all the chewing and smiling.

Dental implants give you strength, a natural look, and a boost in function and self-esteem. They stand out as a durable and attractive option for filling those gaps left by missing teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

We offer a variety of dental implants tailored to meet individual needs. Each type is designed for durability and aesthetics, ensuring a perfect match for your smile restoration.

  • Single implants
  • Multiple implants
  • Implant supported dentures – removable
  • Implant supported teeth – fixed
  • Bite reconstruction
  • Smile design and reconstruction
  • Site preparation and bone grafting
    • Socket preservation therapy
    • Ridge augmentation and development
    • Sinus augmentation

Dental Implant Procedure

Starting the journey to replace missing teeth with Dr. Behrooz Khademazad is straightforward and tailored to you. Here’s a quick look at what to expect:

  • Check-Up: We begin by making sure dental implants are right for your situation.
  • Custom Plan: Dr. Khademazad crafts a treatment plan tailored specifically to your dental needs.
  • Implant Installation: He expertly places the implant in your jawbone to create a strong foundation.
  • Integration Period: Over time, the implant securely bonds with your bone, ensuring a stable base.
  • Abutment Placement: The abutment, which connects the implant to your new tooth, is then attached.
  • Final Step: The culmination of this process is the attachment of your new tooth, completing your smile.

With our cosmetic dentistry care, you’re guided through each step with a focus on comfort and achieving the best possible outcome. Your dental implant journey is not just about restoring teeth but rejuvenating your smile and confidence.

Dental Implants, Smile With Confidence

Get your smile back with dental implants at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry in Grand Prairie, TX. These implants are the key to enhancing your smile and lifting your confidence.

Dr. Khademazad knows everything about affordable dental implants and makes sure you feel at ease and know what’s happening at every step. With his expertise, you’re on your way to a brighter, more confident smile.

What Best Describes Your Condition?

Want a better smile? Let’s figure it out with you! Tell us What Describes Your Condition To See if We Can Help.

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Dental Implants Q&A’s

How much do dental implants cost?

Costs vary widely but can range from $1,500 to $6,000 per implant, not including the crown, depending on the location and specific patient needs. Some insurances may cover part of the cost.

Will insurance cover dental implants?

Insurance coverage for dental implants varies, so it’s essential to consult your insurance provider for specific details.

Are getting dental implants painful?

The procedure is typically not painful, as local anesthesia is used to numb the area. Some patients may experience mild discomfort afterward, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How long do dental implants last?

With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. The crown attached to the implant typically lasts 10-15 years before it may need replacement due to wear.

How long is the dental implant process?

The entire dental implant process may take several months, including healing time, but it ensures lasting results. Consequently, expect 3 to 4 office visits to complete the process.

How long is the dental implant process?

The entire dental implant process may take several months, including healing time, but it ensures lasting results. Consequently, expect 3 to 4 office visits to complete the process.

Will I Be Awake During The Dental Implant Procedure?

Most of the time yes, you will be awake during the dental implant procedure, but local anesthesia ensures you won’t feel pain.

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