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Dr. Behrooz Khademazad, DDS

TMJ Therapy Grand Prairie Tx

Find comfort and confidence with our gentle TMJ therapy at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry. Your gateway to a healthier, brighter smile starts here.

Break Free from TMJ Pain

Dealing with TMJ issues means more than just jaw pain; it's about the constant headaches, the difficulty enjoying meals, and that unsettling pop every time you talk or chew. It's a daily battle, turning what should be simple joys into sources of discomfort. This isn't just a medical condition; it's a hurdle in your everyday life, making even a normal conversation or a laugh a moment of worry.

Dr. Behrooz Khademazad understands the impact TMJ disorders can have on your quality of life. With specialized TMJ therapy, he's here to offer a path to relief and normalcy. Imagine a day without pain, enjoying your favorite foods without a second thought, and speaking freely.

A Comfortable, Pain-Free Jaw

Enjoy a Life Without Pain

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What Best Describes Your Condition?

Understanding TMJ Problems

TMJ troubles and their toll on daily life are important to understand for effective TMJ therapy. Here’s what you need to know:

  • TMJ Disorders: These conditions affect your jaw joint, leading to discomfort and restricted movement.
  • Symptoms: Look for jaw pain, recurring headaches, and trouble opening your mouth.
  • The Daily Struggle: TMJ issues can make eating, talking, and even smiling difficult.
  • Common Causes: Factors like stress, habitual teeth grinding, poor bite alignment, or past jaw injuries might be to blame.

Understanding TMJ and its impact is your starting point toward a life with more smiles and less discomfort.

TMJ Treatment Options

Once we pinpoint your TMJ problem area, we create a custom treatment plan suited to your needs. Here are our primary strategies:

  • Non-Surgical Stent Therapy: A minimally invasive solution to improve dental alignment and health.
  • Bite Reconstruction and Rehabilitation: Restores your jaw’s harmony, enhancing comfort and functionality.
  • Laser therapy / Tens unit therapy: Providing targeted, gentle relief, reducing pain and improving jaw function without surgery
  • Bite Adjustment Therapy: Fine-tunes your bite, ensuring even pressure distribution for optimal comfort and function.

Our team, led by Dr. Khademazad, commits to walking with you every step toward achieving better jaw health and relief from headaches and TMJ discomfort.

Your Path to TMJ Relief

Start feeling better from TMJ pain with Dr. Behrooz Khademazad and our friendly team. We know TMJ issues can make life hard, causing jaw pain, headaches, and trouble eating. But we're here to help with treatments just for you. We’ll find out exactly what’s causing your pain and work on a plan that can make you feel good again. Whether it’s exercises, a special mouthpiece, or other care, we focus on getting you back to feeling great.

Want to say goodbye to TMJ pain? Dr. BKhademazad is ready to guide you to a more comfortable life. Every step of the way, we're with you, offering support and expert care. Get in touch with us to take your first step towards being pain-free.

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What Best Describes Your Condition?

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TMJ Therapy Q&A’s

How much does TMJ therapy cost?

Costs vary based on treatment type and severity of the disorder. Oral appliances may range from $200 to $1,000, with other treatments varying widely. Insurance may cover some aspects of therapy.

What treatments are available for TMJ disorders?

TMJ therapy may include oral appliances (splints or night guards), physical therapy, medications for pain and inflammation, and in some cases, dental corrections or surgery.

How long does TMJ therapy take to work?

The effectiveness and duration of TMJ therapy can vary; some patients experience relief within weeks, while others may need a few months of treatment.

Is TMJ therapy painful?

Most TMJ treatments are not painful and are designed to relieve pain. Some discomfort may be felt when starting treatment or adjusting to an oral appliance.

Can TMJ disorders be cured?

While some cases of TMJ disorder can be resolved with treatment, others may require ongoing management to keep symptoms at bay.

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