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Dr. Behrooz Khademazad, DDS

Dental Crowns Grand Prairie Tx

Find comfort and confidence with our gentle dental crowns at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry. Your gateway to a healthier, brighter smile starts here.

Dental Crowns: Smile Freely Again!

When you have a bad tooth, every day can be tough. Eating hurts, and you might feel worried or sad about it. It’s hard when something as simple as enjoying a good meal becomes a problem.

Dr. Behrooz Khademazad at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry knows how to help. Think about being able to eat anything you want again, smiling without thinking twice, and not having any more tooth pain. That’s what we aim for. With the right treatment, you can get back to feeling good and living without that pain.

Your Journey Begins Here!

Your Best Smile Awaits!

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns fix teeth that need help. They act like a helmet, protecting and strengthening your tooth. They work well for cracked, worn, or damaged teeth, making them strong and look good again.

Here’s the deal with dental crowns:

  • They’re custom-made: Each crown is made just for you, so it fits your tooth perfectly.
  • They fix a bunch of problems: Crowns can help with a damaged tooth, cover up discoloration, or make a small tooth look bigger.
  • They last a long time: With the right care, dental crowns can last for many years, making them a great investment in your smile.

It’s a pretty straightforward process that can make a big difference in how you feel about your smile.

Why Get Dental Crowns

Getting dental crowns can really help your teeth and make you feel better about your smile. Here’s why they’re a good choice:

  • Stops Pain: If a tooth hurts or is sensitive, putting a crown on it can make it feel better right away.
  • Saves Your Tooth: Instead of pulling out a tooth that’s in bad shape, a crown can cover it and keep it working.
  • Looks Good: Crowns look like your real teeth, so your smile can look nice again.
  • Keeps Teeth Safe: A weak tooth can get worse. A crown makes it strong so it doesn’t break.
  • Works for Many Problems: Crowns can fix broken teeth, cover implants, or hold a bridge in place.
  • Lasts Long: If you take care of them, crowns can last a really long time.

Dental crowns are a simple way to fix and protect your teeth, making sure your smile stays bright and you feel good.

Renewed Confidence With Dental Crowns

Dealing with a bad tooth affects more than just your mouth—it takes the joy out of meals, laughs, and even simple conversations. If you're constantly worried about pain or hiding your smile, you're not living life to its fullest. But, there's hope. You don't have to accept discomfort and embarrassment as part of your daily life.

Dr. Behrooz Khademazad at Grand Prairie Family Dentistry has the solution with dental crowns. Imagine enjoying your favorite foods without pain, smiling in every photo, and speaking without holding back. This can be your reality. Let us help you move past dental pain and into a brighter, confident future.

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Dental Crowns Q&A’s

How much do dental crowns cost?

The cost can vary widely, typically ranging from $800 to $1,500 per crown, depending on materials used and geographic location. Some dental insurances may cover part of the cost.

How long do dental crowns last?

With proper care, dental crowns can last between 5 to 15 years, sometimes longer, depending on the material and oral hygiene practices.

What's the difference between temporary and permanent crowns?

Temporary crowns are used for a short period while waiting for the permanent crown to be made. They’re not as strong as permanent crowns.

Are dental crowns painful to get?

You shouldn’t feel pain during the procedure due to anesthesia. Some mild sensitivity or discomfort may occur after the anesthesia wears off.

Can you whiten dental crowns?

No, crowns cannot be whitened. It’s important to match the crown color to your natural teeth before placement.

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